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Wells Fargo- Serving Customers with More Compassion

Wells Fargo is a well-reputed financial servicing company in the US that caters to a big community. We delivered dedicated technical and software solutions to help Wells Fargo optimize its customer experience quotient.

Our Association With Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is a resounding name in the US as it provides a huge array of financial services to the majority of native households, small, and medium businesses. The company deals in the major segments of Commercial banking, corporate and investment banking, consumer lending and banking, and wealth and investment management. As the company believes, its success lies in deep and successful customer and community relationships. Wells Fargo is given to earning relationships for which they are using technology to fill existing gaps and make more bridges.

Radiansys has been associated with Wells Fargo since 2012 and this speaks of our deep commitment shown towards our clients. The main objective of the project was to maintain and improve the customer servicing quotient of Wells Fargo through the creation of a net banking portal. Following were the major parts of the project:

  • Developing a customer support platform for both private and public net banking portals
  • Mobile application to be associated with the web platform

Key Milestones of the Project

The project had the following major requirements and we met them effectively with dedicated technology usage and appropriate management.

Customer Support Platform

The primary demand of the client was a dedicated customer support platform for their net banking portal. The goal was to build a single, well-defined support platform that can be easily switched to from the same website. It would be an instructional platform to help the Wells Fargo executives with customer support operations. They could use that platform as a real-time working explanation to the customers regarding using various features of the website. This support platform would be available for both private and public net banking portals. We built this platform in two languages- Spanish and English.

Mobile Application

While developing the web platform of Wells Fargo, we also included a mobile wrapper feature. This feature was meant to serve as the direct link for the mobile application of Wells Fargo banking. We included a template for the mobile app on the main website, clicking upon which, the user can directly access the mobile app right from the website.

Project Management

At the first step, we would deal with the ticket for particular user stories provided by the client. We would then analyze it based on our acceptance criterion. This process was followed for each of the tasks under every module that was demanded by the client. We would use the screenshots accordingly to develop the individual modules for the project. A meeting would also be held bi-weekly along with weekly task submissions including a minimum of 3 builds delivery.

Final Results

Our assistance brought soaring success to the Wells Fargo customer service endeavors. They registered an unprecedented growth in the number of customers using their support services.

From just about 100, there came over a million users on board within just a month of the platform’s launch. The customer support platform proved immensely successful at meeting the goal of the project. This achievement can be attested with the surprising rise in the number of user sessions. Over a million of such user support sessions started being created on a weekly basis.

The platform also facilitated easy onboarding of plenty of new employees. It was the smooth interface that made training the employees much easier and also increased their capacity to generate a superior customer experience.

One of the major benefits of the customer support sessions was that the average call time got reduced by two to three minutes on an average. This was because of the effective video instructions delivered by the support sessions that customers could understand clearly.

This success of our hard work has been attested by the testimonials written to us by Wells Fargo.

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