Job Search Marketplace



Technologies Used

Machine Learning AI - NLP, NLTK

Backend - PHP, Laravel

Frontend - HTML 5, Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS 3

Database - MySQL

Mobile App - iOS Native, Android Native

Third-Party APIs - Sendgrid, Twilio, AWS, Greenhouse, Firebase FCM, Plivo

CrediBLL- Finding Employers and Job Seekers Made Easy

CrediBLL is an AI-powered job search marketplace set to make a difference. Focused on hiring for the IT industry, it allows employers and job seekers both to realize their goals.

About CrediBLL

A major flagship project of Radiansys, CrediBLL was designed to be a distinctive job search marketplace that changes the way employers and job seekers find each other. It aims to bridge the existing gaps and allow a more convenient matching of both parties. CrediBLL helps polished IT aspirants land their dream job. It also manages the hiring process for employers by cherry-picking suitable candidates for them. Now, these processes are conjugated by AI which is the core approach of CrediBLL. The executives deploy AI technology and manual methods to carry out the different processes.

CrediBLL was launched to automate and simplify the involute process of US recruitments carried out by Radiansys. The aim was to provide a streamlined experience to the recruiters by bringing the right candidates to them through an automated process. The same approach was used to build and highlight the profiles of job seekers. As a result, CrediBLL became a comprehensive job portal including:

  • A platform for the job seekers to establish their profiles
  • A platform for employers to find suitable candidates for open positions
  • A batch to help both parties communicate and execute their objectives
  • Admin console for the CrediBLL admin to manage all data and operations
  • Resume parsing AI to facilitate automation of profile filling
  • An in-built chat platform to facilitate conversation between job seeker and employer

Key Milestones of the Project

Building CrediBLL proved to be a long journey to make it perfectly functional. The expert developers at Radiansys put their valuable efforts into achieving these project milestones.

Jobseeker Platform

CrediBLL allows job seekers to register on the portal and establish a profile by highlighting the best skills and qualifications of the candidate. Things like work experience, role preferences, joining preferences, location preferences, etc. can be adjusted manually too. Gamification has been applied on the profile dashboard to showcase profile completion status. Post everything, the CrediBLL talent advocates (admin) manually analyze the profile and activate it on the portal.

Employer Platform

CrediBLL has a dedicated platform for recruiters or hiring companies too. The hiring party can register a profile for the concerned company by entering details like about the company, emoluments, salary offered, etc. This profile data is only registered on the portal for the use of the CrediBLL admin or talent advocates to pick and collect suitable profiles from the registered ones. Once the profile is activated by the CrediBLL admin, the employer can start posting the jobs.

Resume Parsing

We used machine learning software like NLP and NLTK for developing the API facilitating resume parsing. It facilitates automatic filtering of the data from the resume and inserting it in the profile. This takes away a major part of the efforts needed from the job seeker. It also makes sure to highlight the necessary data from candidates’ resumes to get them the perfect job.

Batches Creation

This feature of CrediBLL makes employers and job seekers meet. Once the profiles of both employers and job candidates are active, the admin starts making batches. These batches contain suitable job seekers that meet the requirements of any particular job posted by an employer. Similar batches are made for each job posted by every hirer based on the Pipeline creation method.

Admin Console

CrediBLL also includes a dedicated in-built platform for the sole use of the Admin. It allows comprehensive management of all the data and processes of CrediBLL. Here, the admin can watch over the data of both job seekers and employers, approved profiles, job postings, batches created, offers, conversations, do the analytics, etc.

In-Built Chat Platform

CrediBLL provides an internal means for employers and job seekers to connect personally. This is an in-built chat platform where employers and job seekers can connect for further job discussion. We built this chat option using our APIs.

Project Management

This project was a test of our management skills and dedication. We used software like Jira, Slack, and Asana for task management, team communications, and testing respectively. These software helped us with agile project management, issue tracking, testing, and issue reporting.

Major Challenges

CrediBLL saw several challenges in its initial phase which were overcome with smart use of advanced technologies and schemed management.

  • In the early stages, CrediBLL encountered the issue of bulk cold mailing. These mails were being received from several specific regions of Asia which posed major trouble to the platform’s functioning. However, we resolved this issue effectively with the application of geolocation technology. This restricted the use of CrediBLL only for the US regions and particular Asian regions. Captcha was also inserted to avoid usage by fraud.
  • The resume parsing process of CrediBLL required consistent development inputs. Being an AI-powered feature though, the algorithms still needed continual research inputs and software training to become optimized. This could have been a tedious process but our team handled it dedicatedly.

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