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Technologies Used

Frontend- React Native, React

Backend- NodeJS, ExpressJS

Third-party APIs- Quickbooks, Optimo Route, Twilio, SendInBlue

Payment Gateway- Stripe

Libraries- Algolia, Firebase, React Query, React Table, Tailwind CSS, React Router, SASS Cloud- AWS

Delivering Indian groceries and happiness

Heartyy Fresh is the largest online supermarket for Indian groceries in the USA. We sculpted a comprehensive online platform that would help them deliver all the grocery goodness.

Our association with Heartyy Fresh

A quick solution for pure convenience, Heartyy fresh offers doorstep delivery of a wide range of Indian groceries and everyday items. Heartyy fresh is USA’s biggest online supermarket with partner stores in different locations. You can order Indian groceries, fresh vegetables & fruits, bakery items, personal health items, and much more at in-store prices and affordable delivery charges.

Heartyy Fresh approached us with the requirement of a complex digital platform for their online supermarket business. Our challenge was to build a powerful system that would connect all the aspects of grocery ordering and delivery into a single app. Following were the major deliverables of this project:

  • Customer app for online grocery ordering and delivery
  • Warehouse management app (admin dashboard)
  • Picking bagging app
  • Optimo route driver app

Key Milestones of the Project

The project had the following major requirements and we met them effectively with dedicated technology usage and appropriate management.

Consumer-based application

We built the Heartyy Fresh application operable on the web, Android, and iOS platforms. This application would serve as the direct consumer-facing platform enabling users to place orders. It’s a feature-loaded application that makes online grocery ordering more convenient for its customers.

We implemented the authentication functionality for signup/login on the app. Customers can log in to the app by mobile number or social platform. We introduced the 2-step verification authentic process through OTP and mail generation using Twilio and SendInBlue services respectively.

Customers can perform a location-based search by entering the ZIP code for the items available on the app. We integrated Google maps which allow users to change their address easily by just hovering over the map. Users can also add as many delivery addresses as they want.

The Hearty list lets customers wish-list items that are out-of-stock or want to purchase later. Customers can check the live status of their orders in the Orders History section. The users can choose their preferred delivery slots within the next week. For the cart, we used Firebase.

We implemented the shipping fee application logic on the checkout screen. It analyzes the total billing amount to ascertain the application of the shipping fee on the order. Similarly, taxes on products also get applied once the The users can also add various payment methods on the checkout screen. We integrated the Stripe software for smoother and safer payment functions. We created the features of coupons and tips that can be applied on the checkout screen. The feature of Heartyy Points involves customers winning promotion points on their orders. They could, then, redeem these points on subsequent orders.

Warehouse management app

We built a warehouse management software that would serve the role of the admin-side app. It’s a role-based web application that takes care of all the internal operations related to the customer app.

Inventory management is a crucial part of this application. We fully automated and optimized this operation with Cron jobs. This streamlined the process of inventory update including the management of receiving, transferring, and adjusting inventory activities. We integrated the Quickbooks software with this app for smoother management of purchase orders, invoicing, and other inventory activities. The inventory section is efficiently bifurcated to make catalog management easier.

The admin panel also includes a user management dashboard for the efficient administration of roles and user profiles. We implemented the ‘Promotions’ feature on the app where the admin can create promotional banners, ads, and coupons. These get displayed on the Heartyy Fresh app. There is a very interesting feature of ‘Order Pickup’. It allows the users to pick up (like takeaways) their orders from the nearest mini store of Heartyy Fresh at their convenience.

Picking-Bagging app

We built a Picking-Bagging app operable on the android tab platform. This is another admin-side app that would facilitate order assignment, picking, and final bagging. Upon receiving the purchase order list, the app assigns bins in which the items will be collected. The pickers prepare the order bins and can edit the order list as per the item availability. After the bins are prepared, the assigned baggers can scan the bins for their order IDs and bag the orders for final delivery. We used Cron jobs to automate the order scheduling in the picking bagging app.

Driver app

We integrated a third-party app called Optimo Route with Heartyy Fresh for the drivers. This app shows all the delivery addresses along with their routes to the drivers for successful and hassle-free delivery of the orders. The drivers can use this app for navigation and also mark the orders delivered as done. We used Cron jobs for automating the process of order routing and assignment to the drivers for delivery.

Product search

Heartyy Fresh presents a vast range of Indian groceries and other items to its customers. To help them navigate through the huge catalog, we created a custom product search feature. We used Algolia technology which is an AI-based search engine. The following search options were integrated- category, sub-category, regional cuisine, brands, tags/allergens, elements, and items. They can even choose from the many popular items that get featured in the ‘Recommended items’ and ‘Our Picks’ list on the app. We also created the feature of ‘Request Item’ where customers can place a request for any item to be made available on the app.

Major Challenges

  • Heartyy Fresh was a complex and ambitious e-commerce project. Our engineers wrote complex algorithms for creating dedicated features that make the Heartyy Fresh app more user-friendly and easily navigable.
  • The resume parsing process of CrediBLL required consistent development inputs. Being an AI-powered feature though, the algorithms still needed continual research inputs and software training to become optimized. This could have been a tedious process but our team handled it dedicatedly.
  • QR and bar-code scanning for the bins was another tough job to crack. Building these functionalities was challenging because of the lack of a single library that could support both of them. Thereby, we created a single custom plug-in for the development of both functionalities together and it worked wonders.
  • The size and magnitude of the warehouse management app were also a complex challenge to maintain. Since the codebase was so huge, the state of the application posed maintenance complexities. We used a third-party library, React Query, that optimized the application state intelligently.
  • Another issue that emerged due to the enormity of the warehouse management app was rendering and hitting multiple API calls. These are some common problems with React applications. Our quick fix to these issues was Caching. We implemented Caching functionality to have a fallback upon API failures. It reduced the number of API calls and would show cached data for API requests.
  • The images in the mobile app of Heartyy Fresh also posed a problem. As the app contained a huge multitude of images, it became a problem to maintain their size and resolution.

Final Results

  • Indian groceries made available easy
  • Doorstep delivery and pickup, as per convenience
  • Delivery of only the freshest grocery items
  • A seamless in-app experience for ordering up to your heart’s desires

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