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Technologies Used

Frontend- React Native, ReactJS

Backend- PHP (Laravel)

Designing- Adobe XD

Database- MySQL

Payment gateway- Stripe

Empowering lives with happiness and purpose

Habitbetter is an inspiring initiative for lifestyle improvement and empowerment by helping people achieve personal goals through unique courses. We helped Habitbetter do so by creating dedicated virtual platforms and software assistance.

Our association with Habitbetter

The Habitbetter is an institute given to empowering people towards achieving happiness through leading a meaningful life. Through deeply researched courses and learned individuals, the platform extends guidance to millions of people towards achieving their personal goals and managing everyday life. It also promotes the concepts of journaling, selective social sharing, and self-discovery. Habitbetter also partners with individual therapists and institutions, allowing them to use the app for guiding the users.

To realize all these goals and processes, Habitbetter approached us in 2021. The main aim of the proposed project included the development of major virtual platforms. Following were the major deliverables of this project:

  • A user mobile application (iOS and Android supported)
  • A coach web application
  • An admin panel web application

Key Milestones of the Project

The project had the following major requirements and we met them effectively with dedicated technology usage and appropriate management.

Mobile application for users

We built a comprehensively featured mobile application aimed at facilitating easy usage for Habitbetter users. We created numerous functionalities for the app including login, onboarding, app guidance pop-ups, habit tracker (can check through the Calendar), journal section, courses section, daily practice prompts, habit tags, routine tab, check-ins, badges, titles, habit challenges, activity invites, group challenges, etc. The users can sign in using email and this functionality was created using SendGrid. The app can also be used without an active internet connection. We integrated the payment apps Venmo and PayPal with the app to facilitate easy payments and invoice generation right from the app. A chat feature was also integrated into the app using that would enable the users to chat with their coaches. The chat would remain encrypted.

Web application for the coaches

We developed a dedicated web application meant for the coaches to organize their activities. They can check client details, create lessons, track learning status, track progress, make recommendations, handle client habits, create custom check-ins, and even get paid lesson access for their clients. The most important part of this web application was the anonymization of the client data. We integrated the required APIs for data encryption and anonymization. Alongside, we also implemented the GAD7 and PHQ9 functionalities that clients could undertake for score comparison and check-in values estimation. We integrated an effectiveness tracker for the coaches for self-assessment. The chat feature was enabled for the coach web app too. We also developed an analytics dashboard using ActiveCampaign which can be used by coaches to check the overall progress of users.

Web application for the admin

Another crucial part of the project included the development of an admin panel in the form of a dedicated web platform. This panel would essentially serve as a dashboard for the Habitbetter admins to manage and streamline numerous operations. The admins can add courses and lessons, assign daily practices, and review and report on lessons and users. We implemented APIs for in-app notifications and promotion codes that can be created by the admins.

HIPAA and HITECH compliance checklist

The Habitbetter platform had a lot of users’ data. To secure that data, we implemented the HIPAA and HITECH standards checklist. This authentication check included the following components aimed at securing the user information at different steps.

  • Automatic log off/Access control/Unique user identification

    This step included securing app access data along with providing access controls to the users. For safe login, we facilitated the generation of unique usernames and password combinations for every user. Alongside, we integrated the multi-factor authentication and credential vaulting functionalities to further strengthen the user login data. Speaking of safeguarding the in-app activity data, we implemented several functionalities and controls including access restrictions (time, function, scope, user, roles, etc.), session termination, log-off time configurability in case of inactivity, etc.

  • Audit controls

    This step included quality controls and checks over various in-app activities including session recording in high-definition, user activities, and comprehensive system logging.

  • Data integrity

    This step strengthens the data security quotient further by regulating data modification-related issues. We implemented strict control checks over remote app access for minimizing data corruption amidst support operations. We also facilitated comprehensive audit controls for reviewing and validating changes and corrections in the user data.

  • Transmission security

    This step included safeguarding the data transmission process as the users would make data inputs in the app. For that, we implemented user-configurable encryption controls, AES modes, and default FIPS encryption modules.


The users and coaches in the Habitbetter app share plenty of data including documents too. While some of the data is easily accessible by both parties, the rest needs official consent from the concerned side. To facilitate that, we integrated the E-sign functionality in the app using third-party software UAM.

Subscriptions of the app

The Habitbetter platform can only be accessed with paid subscriptions. This applies to both users and coaches. Therefore, we implemented the Subscriptions API and used the payment gateway Stripe for easy payment. While the users need to buy subscriptions for simply using the app, coaches can take subscriptions for app access and lesson delivery to their clients.

Project management

Beginning with the planning and documentation of the Habitbetter platform in creation, we carried out the initial designing and wireframing required. Then, we moved ahead with the front-end conversions and back-end development steps, and lastly to be followed by the quality analysis of the whole build. We used Jira for project management.

Major Challenges

Habitbetter has been a dear project for us due to its very unique nature. It also posed several challenges that ultimately provided us with a very intriguing experience of learning and achievement.

The primary challenge while securing the Habitbetter platform was the implementation of the HIPAA checklist. The 2013 law’s amendment covered the non-health sector under its ambit. As Habitbetter dealt with the personal health data of its users, it was mandatory to secure their concerned information as per the law’s rules and regulations. The integration of this checklist called for comprehensive data review and validations at every step to prevent any possibility of data leak or corruption.

The next crucial part was improving log-in security and data encryption. We performed intensive checks and validations to secure passwords, usernames, and other user login-related information.

There are a great variety of tasks happening on all the web and mobile platforms of Habitbetter. The integration of a wide range of enabling APIs became quite intricate several times due to the requirement of multiple checks.

Testing the Habitbetter platform has been a highly effortful task. We relentlessly performed tests for ensuring data security, data privacy, data confidentiality, app usability, and smooth app performance. The app needed to be highly user-focused and navigable.

We had to brainstorm much into making the app design successful while focusing on making it highly accessible.

We also extended continuous app maintenance support to the client to keep the app updated and all its operations optimized.

Final Results

  • One-stop platform for all and innovative well-being activities
  • Reaching out to therapists and coaches simplified

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