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Technologies Used

Wireframing tool- Figma

Website Frontend- React JS

Mobile Frontend- Flutter

Backend- NestJS

Database- Postgres

Payment- Stripe Payment

Email Service- SendGrid

Text Messages- Twilio

Notifications- Firebase

Project Management Tool- DevOps Azure

Making a difference with compassion

GoodAction is a platform for social action that seamlessly connects the helper with the needy. We helped GoodAction utilize the best technology to achieve its noble goals.

Our association with GoodAction

GoodAction seeks to build a thriving digital community that connects the helpers with those in need. It is an intuitive platform where people can donate (money, goods, and services) and hold fundraisers. It also extends SaaS services to NGOs through an advanced analytics dashboard. Here, the NGOs can perform community-level interactions, event creation/management, fundraising campaign management, and donor management.

We got associated with GoodAction in March 2022. The prime requirement of the client was the development of a well-rounded technological system that presents the GoodAction cause well to the users. Following were the major deliverables of this project:

  • Mobile and web applications for general users
  • Role-based web platform (NGO admin and super admin)

Key Milestones of the Project

The project had the following major requirements and we met them effectively with dedicated technology usage and appropriate management.

User-centric applications (mobile and web)

The first solution included a web and cross-platform mobile application that we developed using React Native. This application can be used by general users and NGOs/Organizations seeking or providing donations.

The users can sign up through a signup form or social media platforms including Google account or Facebook. We implemented the user authentication functionality through email link verification using SendGrid. The list of some common functionalities included services, fundraisers, item search, filtering, tags, descriptions, etc.

We developed a 'Community'page where the general users and organizations can interact with and manage communities respectively. General users can follow/unfollow and interact with communities. NGOs can create communities after verification, create posts, create fundraisers, and manage other related overlays. We also created several functionalities like top communities, communities to follow, and recommended communities.

Next, we developed the comprehensive 'GoodAction' dashboard which included three primary functionalities- 'Give an Item', 'Volunteer for a service', and 'Donate to a cause'. We integrated forms that can be filled by users or they can search under relevant category tags to donate items or volunteer for services. We integrated APIs for image and location addition. To enable users to donate money (anonymously too) to different campaigns safely through cards, we integrated secured payment gateway Stripe. We also enabled the system to generate donation receipts automatically for the donators. Alongside, the share functionality allowed users to share their receipts on social networks directly or through the link.

We developed a 'Need Something' dashboard which included three primary functionalities- 'Need an Item', 'Need a service', and 'Need a fundraise'. We integrated forms that can be filled by users for requirement verification and approval. After successful publishing of the requirement, the share functionality enabled sharing of posts on social networks directly or through the link.

We created a message board for the app that allowed users to manage their conversations and also use emojis, and share images, and attachments. The app also included a Hamburger menu for efficient management of other general activities. Users can manage their profiles, needs, withdrawals, see good actions, send feedback, and do account settings from this menu. We implemented Caching for the mobile application both in the frontend and backend. This significantly reduced the number of API calls and improved overall app performance.

Role-based admin panel

We developed a web-based role-specific application to be used by admins including NGO admins and GoodAction super admin. For both the roles, we implemented different functionalities in the app which also called for different user flows.

For the NGO admin web app, we created several features including a home page, statistics dashboard, browse page, receipts, messaging, event management page, and user settings. The NGO admins can view all the donations, fundraising, and community data on the dashboard. We implemented bar graphs and category filters to enable an analytical view of this data. On the Community dashboard, data on donors, gifts, donation history, and fundraising can be checked. We created a browse page with filter-based search functionality to enable admins to find required resources. The system would auto-generate summary receipts for every donation and fundraising.

In the GoodAction super admin web app, the features included an analytical dashboard, payments management, user management, donor and fundraising management, and a volunteer management page. We implemented data and bar graph functionalities for the admins to get a complete view of all the users, organizations, donations, and communities. We created a browse page with filter-based search functionality to enable the admin to find required resources. The super admin can also manage the payments easily as we integrated PLAID and stripe software in the web app.

Content moderation

This was a very crucial functionality of the GoodAction application. Content moderation emerged as a strong need for this platform due to the great scope of information circulation. We integrated the Azure API for content moderation in GoodAction. The users can report any objectionable content. The API would then collect all the related data and pass it on to the concerned NGO admins and GoodAction super admin. Then, the admins can take relevant action and remove the content if required. The API also analyzes the images posted in the groups and provides a score to the admins for further action. We also integrated a third-party dictionary, Profanity Filter, that would identify and assess abusive text. If found objectionable, the admins can remove the text.

Major Challenges

There were no major hiccups in the GoodAction project as our engineering team outdid themselves in creating a flawless system. However, certain functionalities needed deeper efforts and we were able to overcome the challenges.

The caching functionality was slightly complex to implement due to the enormous amount of data involved. We made sure that no outdated data is fetched during catch refresh.

We integrated a lot of APIs and implemented plenty of functionalities on the GoodAction platforms. Thereby, it cost our engineers some time to stabilize the application and maintain the state.

Final Results

  • An intelligent platform connecting the helpers with the needy
  • Buzzing communities available for help and varied assistance
  • Seamless in-app experience enabling people to donate from the comfort of their homes

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