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Technologies Used

Front End - HTML5, Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS

Backend - PHP, Laravel

Video Conferencing Software - Jitsi

Database Management - Firebase, MySql, Node.js

Mobile Application - React Native

Payment Gateway - Stripe

Subscription Module - Stripe

Wireframes - Adobe XD

The Perfect Virtual Locker for Your Ed-Docs

CEU Cloud is a complete digital cabinet-cum-manager meant for handling continuing education documentation and related tasks. We assisted them in building a web and mobile foundational platform.

About CEU Cloud

CEU Cloud is the ultimate cloud storage platform for storing all the continuing education documents as well as managing them. The beneficial features of this cloud storage include managing ongoing CEUs, easy tracking of recertifications, due date reminders, and easy CEU exchange. All of this can be a hectic task when done manually but not with CEU Cloud. It also suggests the owner of the document about relevant CEUs needed. There are two subscription plans offered by CEU Cloud- Free and Pro with services accordingly.


Key Milestones of the Project

The project was a complex one but we did it all with a special focus on precision and apt technology use. Here are the components of the project and how we worked on them.

Web Application Features

The web portal of CEU Cloud was meant to store and display the education documents of users. to facilitate that, we created a locker or repository feature on the website primarily. We implemented the feature of in-app purchases for the CEU Cloud web platform. This would include options like subscription purchases, coupons, and so on. Additionally, we also implemented the Share via email and Printing functionalities.

Admin Portal

We also developed an admin portal for user management by the admin. the admin console would show the analytics features including the number of users, paid users, documents stored, etc. We used technologies like HTML, Bootstrap, and Tailwind CSS for developing the admin console. Additionally, we used graph implementation for the analytics part.

Mobile Application

We developed a mobile application for the CEU Cloud app too. From this platform, the users can access all the features and benefits just like the web platform. We also added the Scan feature which can be used to easily upload the documents just by scanning them through your mobile.

An exclusive feature added later was Book a Demo. The idea was to help potential users book a demo for a live class and get a better understanding. We used the software Calendly for a hassle-free demo class scheduling experience.

Job Application Feature

Lastly, we also added a feature of the “Job apply” into the CEU Cloud website and app. Here, the local job providers could be added by the admin to the user portal. These providers can post any relevant jobs which will get visible to other general users. Simultaneously, they can apply for those jobs right from the CEU Cloud platform. The advantage is that they can use the stored documents for application from the cloud locker easily.

Project Approach

The client had provided us with the foundational designs that we optimized through conversions, integrations, and so on. We started with sorting the designs and executing each of them one after another. The execution of functionalities was followed by final testing, validation, and error removal.

Project Management

Task management was carried out through Jira software for agile projects and issue tracking. Slack was used for effective and collaborative team communications. We also used Asana along with Jira for testing and issue reporting.


Major Challenges

Just like any other cloud app, we aimed to make a highly secured app since there is no risking around with education documents. Apart from the major challenge of ensuring cloud storage security, there were a few of these other challenges that occurred:

  • The scan feature of the CEU Cloud mobile app took a lot of precision effort to develop. The challenge was to develop such scanning functionality that could capture images with high visible accuracy.
  • The in-app purchases feature also needed multiple improvements as they posed management challenges to the admin. Better functionalities were needed to manage the subscription data of multiple users, sending notifications, managing coupons, and much more.
  • The transcript and certification correlation was also something that our team had a stimulating time developing and implementing. It was important to establish a differentiable correlation between the two to enable easy management for the user.

Final Results

Our teams worked much dedicatedly towards giving a new face to the CEU Cloud storage platform and the efforts paid well. After the development of the mobile app and the improvement of the web platform, there was a massive increase in the number of users. Within a very short span, there was a boost of over 1000 downloads of the mobile app. The introduction of convenient in-app purchases led to over 900 users taking paid subscriptions.

  • Registration by 5000 music teachers and counting
  • Over 3500 subscription plans purchased
  • More than 100 music schools came overboard

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