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The major UI/UX design trends 2022 to keep tabs on

January 06, 2022
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Shubhangi Choudhary

Marketing Manager @ Radiansys

The number of global app downloads is expected to touch a mark of 275 billion in 2022! Such reports only give a hawk eyes’ glimpse of the immensely large app market that is filled with knots. These rigidities come in forms that cast a direct impact on app success. One such crucial yet exciting knot is APP DESIGN or UI/UX.

An app’s UI/UX is the major determining factor of its success in modern times where the first impression is all it takes. With plenty of rivals around, app owners can’t afford to let any thread loose in weaving the best experiences for their customers. Thus, astonishing UI/UX can have apps winning the competition by grabbing user attention, boosting traffic, increasing conversions, and gaining the edge.

There exist plenty of methods that can generate great results at designing a UI and UX for modern-day apps that deliver smooth and effective interactions. Now, it isn’t necessarily going to be heavy steps or too much effort at doing so. What is important is to keep flowing in the direction of the latest app designs trend current. If you ask what course to follow, we are going to set the course for you with this article on the top app design trends 2022 that are going to go longer.

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Best UI design trends for 2022 and beyond

Out of the 3.48 million androids and 2.22 million iOS apps available in the major app stores in 2021, the truly successful ones must be with the catchiest interface. UI design trend check is unskippable today as user demands disband. Let’s see what 2022 has got in its bucket!

Dark theme
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Not a new but certainly going a long way ahead is the dark theme app UI trend which has been loved by users mostly hooked to social media platforms like Instagram, etc. However, this trend is expanding. Dark themes have made an astonishing comeback with numerous websites and apps showcasing a toggle feature for switching between dark and light modes. The best benefits of using themes are that they add distinctively stylish and voguish aesthetics along with low eye-straining quality to the apps. Also, they don’t consume as much device battery which is a great plus for the OLED screens especially. The idea is to use not just black but different deep-toned colors for designing modern apps.

3D revolution
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3D isn’t what it used to be anymore! There is so much new that has arrived in this UI design trend that is going beyond mere design alteration. To begin with, creating geometric designs in the 3D format is a great way of making app elements pop-out without affecting apps’ functionality. Next, 3D interactivity is shining high where the users can interact with 3D images through customized settings for different purposes. 3D graphics are, thus, expected to come out more functional than ever in 2022.

It is also notable that the newer 3D elements are of improved quality and higher loading speed which used to be a concern previously as 3D animations slowed down websites. Now, the core elements are designed for supporting instant loading. App designers are also focusing on creating smaller 3D frameworks that promote higher usability, originality, and inclusivity.

Maximized interaction
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In the same bid to establish a deeper connection between apps and users, interaction maximization is going to be another dominant UI/UX trend in 2022 and further. This trend contains a whole bunch of several elements that improve modern apps’ UX. Interactive videos are a new favorite of plenty of users that would be a safe bet for many app owners to sell their ideas better. This gets better with the addition of gamification elements that are becoming increasingly common in modern apps. Further, the focus is also being laid on experimenting with emotional design and storytelling for improving information presentation and user engagement quotient. There has also been an increased use of emojis in apps for boosting the way users communicate with and within the apps. UX copywriting is another unskippable factor of improving app interactions that calls for a subtle combination of visual cues and simple text forms over huge walls of words.

Making apps suitable for larger screens
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The mobile devices being launched these days are coming up with advanced types of screens and different pixels. Some of the great examples include foldable mobile devices and desktops. Among all, large screens are proving dominant in the majority of new devices. This has called for making apps compatible with bigger screens that have become a major UI UX trend 2022. In tandem with this, Google has shuffled its Material design set for allowing the creation of apps suitable for every screen dimension. This trend is expected to gain newer faces and persistence as advanced devices and products come out like AR VR devices, in-car screens, and much more.


The name itself is enough- Glassmorphism imparts a glassy effect to the apps’ UI. It became a major trend in 2021 with Apple re-introducing this 2013 background blur effect with a fresh transparent effect as seen in the Mac OS Big Sur. Glassmorphism combines the three major effects of the light border, pastel/vivid tones, and transparency. The final result is an app design with a balanced mix of transparency, shadow, and background blur. This makes the apps’ UI look minimalistic, poppy in the right place, engaging, and laced with a dynamic design. Packed with bright shapes and images, the glass effect makes the app features appear like floating panels over a subtle background. As other major players like Microsoft and Dripple adopt the trend too, it is close to becoming a major UI trend in 2022.

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With the trendsetter smartphones like the One UI by Samsung appearing in the market, the trend of large-screen mobile devices has become visibly up on the horizon. The impact of this trend on apps’ UI is seen in the downward shifting of interactive interfaces. As a result, bottom navigation is gaining wider appreciation giving way to increased use of bottom sheets and tab bars. App users are loving bottom navigation menus due to their high accessibility and app developers have picked on the trend super well. Bottom sheets have become modish with the inclusion of more navigation keys and advanced gestures like liquid swipe-up.

Bottom navigation
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With the trendsetter smartphones like the One UI by Samsung appearing in the market, the trend of large-screen mobile devices has become visibly up on the horizon. This shift in user taste owes to the popularity of video content. The impact of this trend on apps’ UI is seen in the downward shifting of interactive interfaces. As a result, bottom navigation is gaining wider appreciation giving way to increased use of bottom sheets and tab bars. App users are loving bottom navigation menus due to their high accessibility and app developers have picked on the trend super well. Bottom sheets have become absolutely modish with the inclusion of more navigation keys and advanced gestures like liquid swipe-up.

App color schemes
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Colors are the ultimate element of app designs and the new trend is the harmonization of colors. It involves the use of an analogous color palette including natural and light tones for accentuating vital components and information on the interface. The color combination has to be made so that adds harmonizing touch to the overall app appearance. An ideal app setting can have a layered presentation of the tiles, cards, scenarios, etc. over a light-toned backdrop or surface in a shadowy or floating manner. There are plenty of color-playing trends to look out for like monochrome designs, the use of cool colors, saturated colors paired with light hues for a pop-up effect.

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The most welcome app design trend, inarguably, today and in the coming years is minimalism in the UI. Users are undoubtedly tired of the innumerable interruptions that disturb their app usage experience in form of alerts, advertisements, pop-ups, etc. As mobile users tend to spend more time viewing and using different apps on their devices, they must expect a comfortable experience in the process.

Thus, a clean and minimal interface proves highly appealing as there is no cluttering information overshadowing the useful information. The new minimalistic UI trend demands a clear and vivid presentation of the central elements. There are plenty of design items helping minimalism including tool-tip, pop-ups, toggles, carousels, etc. The need for this trend increases further with Superapps revolving around that require clean interfaces more than ever for remaining navigable.

Loading screens

With a decline in the popularity of UI elements like loading spinners, fresh waves have come in UI UX design trends 2022 in the form of the loading screen. This trend is a modern take on presenting loading elements in any app that removes the chances of upsetting users towards exiting the app. While users wait for app content to load, the loading screen makes the wait worthwhile by putting forward a visually captivating and soothing interface. These screens present the loading progress for the users to view which retains them on the app.

Best UX design trends for 2022 and further

What is the purpose of apps that can’t satisfy their users despite having the best idea? It won’t be an exaggeration to say that modern-day apps are saved by the UX factor- a UX that is carefully weaved through careful analysis of user behavior and app engagements. Here are some future-ready UX trends for 2022!

Mobile-first design device synchronization
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Most of the modern UX strategies and trends are driven by the mobile-first approach which is going to only deepen further in the future UX trends. With over 90% of internet users using mobile devices  for performing online activities, the adoption of mobile-first apps is deemed to prove significantly beneficial to both app owners and developers. It has become a much-recommended UX trend due to its high success rate at boosting user engagement and conversions.

Personalized and localized experience

A close part of every successful app design approach trending in modern times, UX customization or personalization can put its adaptors much ahead of the competition. Users stick to an app when they get exactly what they want. Thus, a personalized experience that gives points to connect to the users will be the best winner in every app design paradigm.

Another closely associated trend is of localizing the apps’ user experiences. The prime need here is a careful study of the market about the localization demands in specific regions. This can be understood with an example whereby studies have shown the preference of email login in the Western user base as compared to that of mobile number login in the Asian user base. Here, it can be inferred that there are multiple sets of UX expectations about different regions. Alongside, the global economic shifts and patterns are going to affect the tech industry towards the adoption of UX localization.

AR VR with B2B
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AR and VR have already been rocking in the market but these technologies are going to be a dominant UI UX trend in 2022 and beyond. The AR VR trend is going to amplify further as it is expected to strive further into the B2B industry. Innumerable opportunities for this process have been generated due to the pandemic situation in form of increasing virtualization of everyday social activities.

Voice user interface
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Alexa is the new friend of so many people nowadays! Just like Alexa, there are many voice assistants like Google Home, Google Nest, Apple’s Siri, etc. that are a few top favorites of digital device users. This points towards the on-rise trend of voice user interface inclusion in modern apps. A significant section of app users prefers voice commands over taps and clicks due to the former’s efficiency and convenience quotient.

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A trend that is surely going to be one of the best UI/UX design trends in 2022 and even beyond is the use of microinteractions. These interactions are meant to keep users more informed and aware of whatever they do in the app. Microinteractions are also a significant aid to the programming part of UX development. Some of the major elements of this trend include tactile reviews, shade changing ability, adding animations in ongoing transitions, loading visualization, etc. The primary aim of introducing microinteractions to any app or website is to make user interactions more amiable. Users tend to stick to any app for longer when they can feel a uniquely unusual connection with the resources presented. This further proves beneficial to the app owners in terms of boosted brand reputation and loyalty.

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As people rely more on apps, there has emerged Superapps! Proving true to their name, Superapps are single platforms for a variety of activities that users can perform. Developing these multi-functional apps is a great app design trend 2022 that is going to mark the take over of one app-one purpose model. Superapps have a distinctive purpose- creating singular ecosystems for users to increase retention rates and brand loyalty. Some popular examples of superapps include WeChat, Gojek, Natural AI, etc. This trend set in 2021 and is expected to go much further in the future despite the challenges involved. App developers are expected to focus on maintaining smoother in-app navigability and feature discoverability while writing UX for superapps.

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A trend that has recently created a big buzz in the tech world is Metaverse. The term has been coined by Facebook that implies a digital environment consisting of users and devices connected through VR technology. Metaverse is an attempt at utilizing VR devices to create a coherent virtual space that allows users to do much more with just one technology. Facebook’s Metaverse consists of Horizon workrooms where users can create their avatars and perform several activities with the Oculus Quest 2 wearables. Metaverse is very fresh right now but holds huge potential towards being a major app trend in 2022 and further. Its parent company, Facebook, is also promoting it big and hiring a large workforce for its expansion.

So, what can make an app design successful?

To begin with, designing apps with first-rate standards and user-specific elements picked from the thorough market and audience research is never losing vogue. It would be safe to say that ever-trending apps are those that contain perfect interactions, keep the users engaged, and deliver the right goals.

One of the ways to design such an enriching app UX is focusing on user preferences. A proper and deep user engagement and behavior research is vital to ensure app success. Alongside, a deep touch of creative and analytical thinking from the developers’ side will lead to the creation of a superlative application meant for the future. It is also important to minimize conflict between the design and app functionalities. What we mean to say is that the design should be as truly expressive of the functionalities as possible. As a UI/UX design company,  we emphasize presenting truthfully expressive app designs to best exhibit our client’s app goals.

In conclusion…

Next year is going to bring unique possibilities that will be directed towards bringing users closer together through different technologies. While apps and websites would be the major medium, UI/UX designers would face the major challenge of making apps with high adaptability and liveliness factor. The need would be to develop apps that are future-proof, exciting, and most importantly, user-focused. However, it should not be forgotten that everything cannot be achieved at once. The idea should be, therefore, to design and develop apps that achieve what they aim.

We were able to envisage the app design trends 2022 as we have been involved in carefully monitoring and analyzing the design trends. Connect with us  today for getting deeper insights on the best design trends that would suit your app idea rightfully.

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