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A Complete Guide on Full-Stack App Development

27 April, 2022
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Dinesh Kumar

VP Engineering @ Radiansys

Previously, businesses had limited options when hiring web developers. They could only choose among specialized experts like frontend and backend developers, etc. As technological requirements evolved, newer and more advanced technical stacks emerged. One of them is Full stack which has proved to be the more accurate and consistent web development process of all. It allows businesses to choose among the full stack development tools to suit their stack in an ever-changing tech environment.

The full stack developers are capable of end-to-end project management which has mapublic assets for modern businesses. As the forecasted growth for web developers holds great opportunities, full stack developers are enjoying the biggest share in the market. Almost every company, big or small, is opting for full stack development services because of its multi-faceted advantages. However, many enterprises and individuals are still facing doubts about hiring full stack developers.

Here is a comprehensive guide on full stack web development that will help you with all the confusion. We are going to brief you about the entire full stack development process including its merits and demerits. All this information is coupled with some pointers on the relevant tech challenges to help you relate better and make an informed decision. Let’s begin.

The basics of Full-stack web development

The literal meaning of Full stack means a set of all the steps taken to create a web application. The full stack development process is quite comprehensive as it incorporates everything starting from concept designing to product deployment

Simply put, all major parts of an application including the front-end, backend, and database are built together by a designated expert. This service ensures the creation of an engaging frontend, error-free backend, and fully integrated database. Full stack development can be carried out by a single expert or a small team as per the project size and requirements.

Let’s begin with understanding the basics of full-stack. It defines n-tier application architecture which is made of several tiers or layers. 3 such layers can be understood as different categories of the full stack development process-

Presentation layer

Also called the front-end layer, it involves the client-side of any web app or the user interface.

Business logic layer

Also called the server-side layer, involves the development of the functional logic of the web app.

Data layer

This layer is related to backend programming and concerns the development and maintenance of the databases.

In web programming, the development of these layers can be done individually or combined. full stack website development involves the development of all these three layers by a single expert. These experts are the full stack web developers (read about them as we proceed).

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The expertise of the full stack developers

With so much to do, it’s unlikely that full stack developers can be ordinary developers. Also referred to as the T-shaped developers or Developer generalists, these experts are essentially jack of all but masters of none. However, they are masters of the art of creating full stack applications. They possess the required knowledge and skills of all the relevant programming languages and technologies for creating such feature-rich apps. Their vast and diverse experience in plenty of niches makes them stand apart from the I-shaped developers who are niched experts. Take a look at their skill-set:


They are well-versed in the common front-end technologies like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML and also learned in a few JS frameworks or libraries like AngularJS, SASS, ReactJS, jQuery, etc.


They have expert-level knowledge of at least one of these backend coding languages- PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, Java, .Net, etc.

Database management

They have master database integration management skills backed by knowledge of SQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, Redis, etc.

APIs and web servers

They possess experience in handling web servers including IIS, Nginx, Apache, etc., and integrating APIs like those related to microservices and web services.

Web designing

They have a general understanding of the concepts of web designing too like UI/UX and Prototyping.

Version control

Version control systems are important as they help to change the codebase as required. Full stack developers are versed in VCs like Git repositories (GitHub, Azure DevOps Server, GitLab, Bitbucket, etc.).

Technological offerings by full stack developers

Having an all-rounder developer possessing knowledge of multiple technologies can give you a special advantage like no other. You get such experts with full stack web development services.

Distinctive code

Probably the best part of hiring a full stack developer is that they give you a distinctive code for your project. They are adept with plenty of simple and complex software tools which is the reason behind their assorted coding skills. Their innovative and creative approach to coding in every domain brings great results for diverse projects. This is why full stack services are in high demand and you must also reap the benefits.

Expertise in diverse technologies

The full stack developers can take care of everything- the looks, functioning, graphics, etc. of a website. They are deeply learned in programs like CSS, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, BootStrap, etc. which helps them perform perfect font-code optimization. Speaking of back-end code, they excel in that too alongside looking after web logic, data processing, and authentication. They can perform the third-party job of API integration which is a great plus.

All in all, a full stack web application can deliver exceptional user experience through a technologically rich architecture. On top of that, full stack developers also keep in tandem with the latest UI/UX trends to create intuitive user interfaces. To note, all this happens without burdening the business with technological dependency as full-stack web developers take care of everything.

Fix infrastructural issues

The skill-set of full stack developers isn’t limited to software skills. They possess knowledge of general system structures and infrastructural networks. It's easy for them to diagnose issues in them and overcome any disadvantages. They handle hardware issues superbly to prevent any failure. Full stack developers possess the algorithmic skills of finding issues in the ongoing development and also fixing the post-maintenance problems.

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Benefits of full stack development services

Such vast expertise and knowledge of the full stack developers can be convincing enough for one to hire them. Hiring a full stack development company can be the best economic and strategic decision you will make for your project. If you need more reasons, let us present a list of all the benefits you get with full stack development services:


Probably the best reason to go for full stack development services is that they are simply

cost-effective. Since full stack developers can do both frontend and backend jobs, businesses no longer need to spend more on dedicated teams. Moreover, the full stack specialists come in handy in removing and preventing fallacies that can cause long-term cost overflows.

Quality and fast delivery

Full stack developers are known to possess the most qualified and updated skills for creating a high-quality industry-standard website. They are quick at error diagnosing and remedial, creating solutions in a shorter timeframe. Ultimately, it leads to a reduction in the time-to-market by approx. 20-25%. Another factor that leads to faster software delivery is reduced dependency on multiple developers. Full stack experts deliver projects faster by taking full responsibility for monitoring the development process.

Faster troubleshooting

A major roadblock in efficient web development is unexpected errors and bugs. An expert who can perform the fastest check and remediation of these issues has to be none other than a Full stack developer. This helps in saving costs and preventing a delivery delay. More so, full-stack developers uproot the problems completely with their deep and useful knowledge.

All-in-one development

Full stack development services are delivered by experts who are proficient at handling the app and network development intricacies. Their deep knowledge produces unique ideas for developing unique full-stack projects and overcoming challenges too. They produce comprehensive software solutions with maximum efficiency and minimum bugs. Full stack developers can take care of the complete design structure by analyzing from the top if anything is slipping.

Project ownership

Opt for full stack development services if you prefer the project to be handled by one authority. A full-stack development company takes end-to-end charge of the development process leading to improved quality assurance and accountability. Thus, it becomes easier to give feedback and seek queries. This also establishes transparency in the development process so that the quality and consistency of the product are maintained.

Easy upgrade

It’s easier to update and upgrade a full-stack project. The diverse knowledge of full stack experts about the new tools and technologies used in the web development process flows into practice too. They use their expertise in optimizing MVP management and update which proves helpful in evoking positive responses from the customers. The best results include clients getting the most open and bilateral applications and end-users benefitting from the latest technology.

Higher productivity with better team management

The full stack developers also take up projects in an organized manner. Thus, they can deliver results faster through well-organized and requirement-based job sharing and collaboration.

Since they know both frontend and backend, they can easily switch between problems and come up with a rounded solution. When going for full stack development services, you have to manage a smaller yet fully able team that communicated efficiently is transparent and receptive. The final result is optimized performance and higher productivity.

Better app support

A full stack development company can provide better software maintenance and update support than others. This is because their full-stack developers are the sole points of contact that can deal with any concern. They can boost product quality through updates as per the latest technology and environment. They are also able to respond actively to support requests as they know the exact spot where change is required. Thus, it’s better to go with a professional full stack development company if you want to enjoy 24*7 support.

Cons of full stack development services

There are a few disadvantages of full-stack development. They might look negligible when put against the immense benefits of this service, however, we think you must know them:

  • You might have to invest slightly higher while hiring full stack developers than other specialized developers.
  • Full stack might cause unexpected delays in projects that involved heavy data processing or computation. The app in development might get blocked or fail to process requests.
  • As full-stack combines a lot of technologies, the drawback of these technologies can come together to become a considerable roadblock in your project roadmap.
  • The technology is still in its nascent stage which means that the knowledge scope is restricted. It also limits the prospects of capacity expansion.

When should you hire a full stack development company?

The right technology stack means a lot to development companies and clients alike. This is because the right tech stack is meant to deal with several key infrastructural challenges of companies. Some such challenges include investments, legal/security/storage issues, poor value outcomes, etc. These can cause technical hiccups and increase time-to-market in the longer run.

Now, choosing the right tech stack requires careful consideration of the following aspects:

  • Operating system
  • Network and security
  • Database
  • Servers and storage
  • Business applications, etc.

Go for full stack web development if you are looking for a tech stack that carefully manages all these aspects into the generation of a solid product. Full stack developers assist in unison of both operations and businesses to ensure smooth creation and execution of fully-responsive systems.

Who should go for full stack development services?

Given the technological challenges that exist for businesses, full stack development can be the best choice for individual project owners and small enterprises. Big businesses may choose full stack if they want but, in many cases, it’s not the right option. Bigger projects need to be handled by specialized teams and also require divisions for efficient handling and time-saving.

Startups can benefit much from full-stack services as they will remain thoroughly guided about the process by the expert. Since full stack teams are mostly one individual or only a few experts, they are easier to follow up with.

In conclusion

Full stack web development isn’t any mere development approach but an exceptionally composed method for putting the bigger picture together. A full stack development team can offer you practical web solutions like no other. Full stack developers are gaining a wider reputation and trust among enterprises seeking faster product launches and growth. They can meet these requirements with their distinctive skillsets and agility.

If you are looking for full stack development services to take off your next project, then you are at the right place. We are a leading full stack development company in USA with a pool of the best full stack developers. Connect with us today for discussing your project and thanks for reading!

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