With the volume and velocity of data with organizations having assumed colossal proportions, one requires efficient frameworks that can be utilized to manage big data. Hadoop is one such software which proposes reliable & scalable computation of data sets. It can be of immense value to those who have their network of operations spread across the geography of the globe. This is because Hadoop can facilitate distributed processing of big data. Such feat can be achieved by just making use of basic programming models and given that it can all be based on the web; insights can very easily be communicated across offices & individuals.

Data Management

When effective utilization and execution of Hadoop is carried out, it could enhance an organization’s data processing and management abilities. What used to happen in the past is that individual units of a large organization used to make use of expensive hardware structures to store as well as process data. This, however, would not allow parallel and instant processing of huge amounts of data. Such parallel processing can be possible with Hadoop where such processing can be done on scalable servers. Therefore, you do not just have to confine yourself to the transactional data to deduce insights but have access to enormous knowledge which could assist better decision making.

Standing out with RADIANSYS

At Radiansys Inc, we bring the power of Hadoop to your enterprise so that you can manage your big data with prowess and conviction. We have consulted a gamut of organizations in the past and executed Hadoop related projects with a high level of success. This has been managed because of the acumen that we bring together including our built in analytics, comprehensive integration, reliability, finesse, focus on security & high standards of customer support.

Hence, we can get your big data instantly sorted so that it garners insights sooner than you thought.