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Netsuite and DELL Boomi

Netsuite and Dell Boomi: 5 key benefits of getting seamless integration right!

Seamless integration you say? Well, then it has to be a combination of NetSuite and Dell Boomi. Let’s call it Power Partnership. We have NetSuite’s ERP platform which aims at synchronizing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) between various channels such as manufacturers and their wholesalers, retails, e-commerce and making things simpler. Using integration as a platform as a service (iPaaS) manufacturers can connect Net Suite seamlessly and automate EDI.

This is where Boomi comes in. This hybrid IT environment where data can be stored in ‘n’ numbers of applications and locations, including legacy on-premise systems and cloud based SaaS applications, demands simplicity in data storage, management and accessibility. At the end of the day, businesses are serving customers through multi-channel user experience (UX), and they have to be clear about data governance and management before they can even think of leaving competition behind. Using NetSuite in conjunction with Boomi will ensure a unified approach to this disparate IT architecture.

Confused where to look? Here’s Boomi!

Alright, so now you have your NetSuite business processes in place but is a jungle out there! Data is stored in a number of applications which can be on-premise or cloud based SaaS. Also, manufacturers have their own idea about creating and using applications and processes. To complicate matters, your retailers and every other channel will have their own set of rules regarding sharing information. So, what’s the solution? Connect your NetSuite applications with iPaaS and who does it better than Boomi! The Atom Sphere application that Boomi has introduced for NetSuite is dream-come-true for System Integrators! There is an entire library at their disposal allowing them to choose a suitable “NetSuite-to-SaaS and NetSuite-to-on-premise integrations” pre-built connectors. So, now that everything is in one safe place and is easy to access, business processes will benefit immensely from the scalability and flexibility of data governance and management. That’s one complex job made simple!

Make your move fast – it’s time for seamless multi-channel UX

Do we really need to emphasize this? Well, this is the market for quick movers. There’s no time to waste over integrating business processes which are heavily dependent on both legacy on-premise applications and cloud SaaS. If you want to enhance user experience over different access channels like desktop, smartphones, laptop, tablets or a hotline, then you need efficient and cost effective storage and accessibility of product and/or service data. Unless you know where to look at a lightning speed, how can you ever think of creating a unique multi-channel UX for your customers? NetSuite and Boomi working as partners will help you in seamless business process integration and make it possible to create a successful multi-channel design which is an absolute essential at this age and time.

One seamless and secure platform is all that your business needs!

Share data, manage and govern them, apart from creating a business process that eliminates the need for manual control, in short – a single automated data sharing and business process management platform is what you need. The depth of NetSuite integration experience including ERP, CRM, E commerce, Professional Services Automation and One World, is best utilized and enhanced by Boomi’s AtomSphere. The application can be in cloud, on-premise or with trading partners and vendors, the integrations can be smoothly and effectively managed by AtomSphere. Whether we’re talking about EDI or real-time application integration, Boomi’s iPaaS will offer you an enterprise-grade solution to share data across different integrations on the same platform. There’s absolutely no doubt about the flexibility in its usage or data security.

Will your business grow with iPaaS? See it for yourself!

If NetSuite manages business operations and customer relations through its applications, then Dell Boomi is the unifying factor that integrates all these applications together in one platform. The role of Boomi as an integration process as a software (iPaaS) is like that of a glue that makes it all stick together in a mutually beneficial IT environment. Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, E commerce platforms – all these run on different applications. In addition to that you have to manage subsidiaries, accounting and anything else that needs to be managed! If all these were to be integrated in a single cloud-based platform like Boomi then imagine how simple it would be for you and your business partners to use, share and access data. A business that’s on the way of growth needs synchronization which can only come from integration of distributed applications. Save yourself the headache of managing the updating a whole lot of data – connect your NetSuite to Boomi, and then sit and relax! This partnership will only catalyze your business growth and you can watch the graph take an upward climb.

Making Integration Simpler – Address Challenges Faster!

All the time we have been talking about integration in its different forms and applications. However, it still needs to be emphasized that an iPaaS like Boomi AtomSphere can seamlessly integrate the different segments of cloud-based SaaS application like NetSuite. Why are we repeating this? Well, it’s for the simple purpose for you to understand its significance in addressing the challenges that business processes impose. If all data is stored, managed and updated in a single cloud-based integrated platform then you can access it quickly and take care of any issues which is threatening to halt day-to-day transactions. Needless to say, this will definitely give you an upper hand in comparison to the traditional way of dealing with business process issues. Surely, you’ll agree with this.

And it all comes to this….

At the core of every business is its objective to enhance customer or user experience, and with the advent of multichannel technological landscape the importance of business-process applications integration cannot be ignored at all. In fact, this is what will ensure that your business will have a fast-mover’s advantage while dealing with internal and external issues. Radiansys will help you in integrating NetSuite and Boomi seamlessly and bring both on the same platform to make it an all-inclusive system. Need we say more?


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