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Mobile App Development

5 Hot Mobile App Development Trends to look out for in 2016

There’s so much happening around us that sometimes it becomes difficult to grab hold of specifics. And this is the general feeling among most of us who are showered with mobile apps every day, and maybe every hour. But is it enough to just use them? We also need to keep our sensory perceptions open to receive a ‘beacon’ of technology introduction or update. Millions of software and app developers are working around the globe to meet the burst of demand by business and individual users. Can they meet the demand? Only time and technology will tell!
For now, let’s delve a bit deeper into the most popular trends in mobile app development for the year 2016.

1. IoT and Cloud – A Powerful combo in mobile app integration

Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud benefit mutually. How? Well, IoT is a concept that aims at connecting everything through a single platform – home, smartphones, appliances, mobile devices, etc. and Cloud is what enables and enhances IoT to function. More and more people are using cloud-enabled devices and in turn facilitating IoT. Now if we place this in context to mobile app development, we will see that IoT will be a major driver in creating M2M automation and other business concerns. The CAGR for the growth of IoT market is over 30% by the time we reach the year 2019.

This is very popular for enterprises and working as product and service providers, aiming to save costs and simplify processes, and for start-ups this is like a blessing in disguise. They get to save costs and address issues of inter-connectivity, mobility and expensive hardware management. Cloud technologies will also help developers to create apps for cross-platform mobile devices. Cloud-based apps allow developers to sync wearable devices and mobile services. Now you can well understand why IoT and Cloud-based integration is here to stay!

2. Swift and Cross-Platform Tools – driving the development

Then there’s Apple with Swift – and it’s not new. Programmers are just discovering the numerous benefits of using Swift as a language that fits both applications and systems. In its first month Swift was downloaded eleven million times, that’s what official reports tell us! Our tech gurus at Apple, the iOS app programmers find Swift to be their best friend when they are trying to develop mobile applications. You will see more of Swift in app development circle in time!
Another development driver is our cross-platform tools. We have bid adieu to single platform mobile apps long back. Now it’s time to take complete advantage of cloud-computing and devices with advanced functions that drive and demand cross-platform tools to be used for mobile app developers. Developers can also look at user-friendly interfaces which require low maintenance and the chance to work on a common language.

3. Smart is the new magic word!

The question is what’s not smart these days? We have created a whole new definition for the word ‘smart’ and designed smart phones, offices, devices, homes and what not! This is the combined result of IoT, cloud-computing and Beacon technology working in unison to provide solutions that was only at its nascent stage not too long ago. Mobile app development trend will also be positively driven by the demand to supplement and complement these solutions.

4. Big Data, App Analytic s, m-commerce and Beacon – the awesome foursome!

Enhancing user experience – Big data and app analytic s will guarantee this without a shred of doubt. Adding to in-app advertising and purchasing has now found a whole new dimension with Beacon technology as their guiding light! Apple’s brainchild Beacon is a wonderful new playmate for retail, finance and investment enterprises looking at increasing customer engagement by alerting apps and websites whenever a customer with a mobile app of their business, is nearby. Beacon has successfully penetrated the market and hence it is now the onus of mobile app developers to create supportive applications. Doesn’t all this amount to the new and improved m-commerce, which is already becoming a strong competition for websites based only on e-commerce!

5. Enterprise level app development – the mobile app developer’s showstopper!

Focusing on profits, app developers have started working seriously to serve enterprise level mobile app requirements. This is from where they get paid lucratively. Hence this is where they need to look at more attentively. According to a report the monthly earnings for consumer apps are much lesser than enterprise apps. Of course they’ll pay more because they need the app to market their products and services. This is also an excellent option for start-ups if they wish to enter the market with a low budget in mind.

Finally, we’ll say that there is also more focus on mobile app security as sensitive data and user information is accessed by the app. iOS has met this requirement quite impressively and Android is also trying to make its apps completely secure. Ensuring mobile app security will justify the trends that we have been discussing for so long. Keeping the latest trends in mind, who will be your reliable partner for app development? Your search ends at Radiansys. Our team has dabbled in various industry verticals knows exactly what it takes to drive a fast-paced complex app development process. Our experts will be happy to help you on the all the critical aspects of app development for your business.


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